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Tomorrow is a new day........Email update #3 April 30, 2004

From: Jen Sober <>
Subject: Tomorrow is a new day.....
Date: Friday, April 30, 2004, 2:35 PM
If you don't read all of these emails...please be sure to read this story:
I think that Sean and I have really experienced a life changing experience. Changing our views on bad days and how to overcome them. We all have them, jobs, family, weather, LIFE.....something makes certain days just seem so miserable. Well.... What a difference a day makes!
   The other day we got to camp, set up hung out in the grass and went to bed. In the middle of the night the weather turned really bad...major downpour. Next morning...still raining bad, and cold. We had nothing to do but pack everything up in the rain, everything all wet - esp. the tent being stuffed into its sack getting even the inside wet. Packed it all up, skipped breakfast and started hiking. It was just such a miserable day. And neither of us were feeling to happy.....just plan old miserable. We felt so bad that when we passed this church along the way, I wanted to break in just to get dry and warm. It was the only thing in site. But we continued. The thought of hiking all day in the rain to get to a place and sleep in the wet as well just was making us feel worse. Sean looked at me and said "I promise we will have a dry place tonight. Our goal of 16 miles for the day turned to 18 just to get to the next shelter and maybe we could get our things dry in there. We couldn't stop to break since we both got cold real fast while it rained on us. Got to the shelter, it was cold and wet and the fog was making everything in the shelter wet. Our stuff was wetter than wet. Sean looked at me and said "let's keep going" 6 more miles was the next hostel where we were to pick up our next mail drop the next day. We went on.... 24 miles...long miles. We were limping from the long miles and no rest and cold. Got to the hostel.....booked up. 27 people staying at a place that help only 15. :-( I almost cried. But the owner drove us to another place 5 miles away where we were able to get a bed and a shower...finally, as Sean promised - a dry place to stay. Our moods were way down that night, from the day and how our legs felt. But.....
"Tomorrow is a new day" The next day, back on the trail. And let me tell was the most beautiful hike we had yet. Unbelievable. The first 3 miles were along thse waterfalls called Laurel Falls. We almost took more pictures this day then all the days put together. The weather was 60 and sunny- perfect! Few mile later we were hiking around this huge lake (it reminded us of home - Deep Creek Lake). We ended up stopping so many places to just sit and look out at the view - words just can't explain.
My Point - when times are rough...tomorrow is a new day. You may wake up to the best day of your life. Instead of wasting time in misery, go to the things that bring you joy. Wildflowers, waterfalls, butterflies, etc... these are few of hte things that get me through the miserable rainy cold days out here.
   So next time you have a bad day, remember this story and that "tomorrow is a new day"
sorry for the sap. :-)
Other things that happened last 2 weeks:
** Great weather, other than that one day. We have actually had a little bit of everything. Hot and sunny, Hot and rain (very refreshing) Cool, Cold and Rain......
 ** Sean almost got bit by a very large black snake. It was quite funny. Since he is paranoid with snakes, it didn't help him much. His foot stepped right next to this snake and it got just as scared and cinched back as if it were going to strike, which is when Sean saw it and jumped 2 feet in the air and 2 feet sideways. I was behind him and it was so funny! I don't mean to make fun - it wouln't of hurt if it bit him, but i'm sure it would not help his fear of them - may of even caused shock - UGH - No Good! He is very watchful now :-)
** We have had quite a few days of high miles - a couple 19's, 21 and 24.
** Had our first true experience with Trail magic. Came to a road crossing that had a parking lot and 2 people were there grilling hot dogs for thru hikers. So we both got 2 hotdogs, an apple and orange, carrots, cookies and brownies. YUMMY!!!! We filled our bellies up. It is magic because it is food you can't carry with you so you get to eat it with out packing it. It is a nice treat when you are starving. So if you are ever by the AT, be sure to bring some magic to some Thur-Hikers. We also got a small dose a few days later with an apple, trail mix and a peanut butter sandwich.
** Sadly i lost my favorite jacket (marmot dry climb) in a wind storm on top of a mountain. If $$ allows, I hope to be able to buy a new one soon. It kept me so warm and for the last 2 years, went with me everywhere. You don't realize how much you are attached to things until they are gone.
*** We have finally been given official trail names. If you have read anything on the AT (A walk in the woods by Bill Bryson is an excellant one) you may have heard that all hikers end up getting a trail name and that is usually what other hikers will introduce themselves as (you never really get to know anyones real names)
Well, Sean has been given Dinner Short and I am Figit. I will explain in the next email why we were given these.
Where are we? We are in Damascus, VA. We just crossed the TN/VA line today. Our buddy Bernie is meeting us here in a little while. We have been so excited to meet up with him. He will be hiking with us for a week. It is amazing the kind of energy you get when a friend or family meets up with you out here. Since there are many of you near the trail in VA and further up. Let us know if you want to come out and hike a day or so with us, camp or even just say hello.
We should be hitting the Shenandoah Mtns. on Wed. May 26. And starting to hike them on Friday the 28th. There are many places there to meet up. Our buddy Gregg should be hiking about a week or at least a couple days  somewhere in there. We are looking forward to that as well.
I hope you are all doing well. Please keep in touch via email.
We do love hearing from all of you!
Don't forget:
Jen & Sean :-)
aka - Figit & Dinner Short

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