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10 year AT anniversary, 1st May Email Update

Subject: A fun project for you
Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2004, 2:29 PM
Hey Everyone. First off - your emails have been so touching. I never thought that our story, in our last email, could be so inspiring to you. My eyes are tearing with joy reading your replies...thank you so much!!
So, Sean and I are out here, step by step getting closer to our biggest goal! So, in honor of that, i want you to do something for us. Don't worry - it is very simple. All i ask that in the next week, write down your top 10 things in life you want to do. That is it. Write it or type it and either send it to me or put it on your fridge or somewhere you won't lose it. Have this done before my next email (which should only be a week away this time).
The last 2 weeks have been great. Having Bernie hike with us for a week was just what we needed (we miss you already Bernie). The weather has been great, except for the first few days out of Damascus (2 more cold fronts came through, going over Mt. Rogers was extremely cold - ice on the trees from the horrible rain storm the day before) But, since then, it has been hot and humid - I LOVE IT!!!!! Sean isn't liking the heat too much, but neither of us are complaining. We certainly don't miss the below freezing temps.
Not a whole lot of stories to tell so we figure we would give you some stats:
Trail Names - Sean "Dinner Short" - given to him by Hillbilly when we told him Sean is always looking for another dinner after we finish dinner. Not to mention the weight loss.
Jen "Figit" - given to her by Sean who always gets on her case when in the tent because of how figity she is. And, how each day she just can't stay still - always has to move or "figit"
Weight - Sean and I both tried to gain weight 2-3 months prior to leaving for the trail. Sean was successful with gaining about 10-15 pounds and Jen 8-10 pounds. We hoped to have a safety to lose to limit losing our average weight. Since starting - Sean has lost all he gained plus a few xtra (16 total) and Jen about 8 pounds. We think we have maintained since Hot Springs, but will find out whenever we have a scale.???? Sean is truely a skinny minny now :-)
Favorite things - Mountain views, wild flowers and blooming trees, butterflies, Privies :-) (although Tenn. didn't believe in them), Campfires, SUNSHINE!!!, Flat Tentsites, Pinetree smell, close and nice water sources, coming to a road crossing and a store or resteraunt being there to get food :-)
Not so Favorite Things - digging a hole, steep climbs that lead to no view, rain with a cold front, Sloped tentsites, shelters, being cold, Bug Bites
Animals Seen - Rat, skunk, mice, snakes (garter, black, and copper head), rabbits, toads, deer, Owls, Coyotes (well we hear them lots and they went through friends campsite one night), Wild Turkey and many other birds, Bulls, Cows, Ponies, wild boar (well their hair on trees) and i'm sure much more :-)
Tentative dates on where we will be in VA, in case you want to meet up with us for a hike:
Waynesboro - Friday May 28 we starting hiking north of here into the Shenandoahs
Harpers Ferry - Sunday June 6
I-70 Bridge in MD - Monday evening June 7
Tuesday evening June 8 to Sunday Morning June 13, we will be staying with family in Alexandria, VA - i hope that many of you can come by and visit. We would love to see you all.
Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2004, 7:26 PM
i forgot to mention where we are. We are in Pearisburg, VA. And it is quite funny. After my email earlier today, we were to hike 4 more miles to camp. But, you know how i said in our favorites coming to a road crossing with rest. and food to eat. Well, that is Pearisburg. And it bit me in the Ass. We went to an all you can eat buffet at Pizza hut and ate and ate and ate. Well, i got really sick. If fact, when i wrote the email i was not feeling well. So hopefully it made sense. It got worse as we finished up at the laundry mat and i got sick bad...oh yeah, it was not good. i threw up about a pint or 2 of blood. Yup. not throw up but blood. Well, i didn't get any better, i got the shakes - we ended up having to get a room, unfortunately. It stinks to have to spend $$ we don't have, but i might of passed out on the trail. So, our favorite things, turned out not so good. I don't think i was able to handle normal foods and in such large quantity. I am getting better, and look forward to a "new day" tomorrow :-)
i also forgot to give our next mail drops that some of you have ask for. Troutville, VA will be on the 18th.19th. Montebello, VA will be on the 23rd ish.
Once again, don't forget to write your list of things you want to do in life. We have already got some and i have really enjoyed reading them, and that you have enjoyed writing them.
Here is to a new day! Time to curl up in bed and start feeling better. :-)

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