To Help You Toward Your ATHLETIC GOALS

What I do is online coaching. And it is done week by week. There are many online programs out there that you can get for free but they do not personalize to you. There are many coaching programs out there you can buy at minimal cost and have a tad more personalized but it gives you your entire schedule all at once never taking into account adjusting a week if you are sick, traveling, busy with life etc. 
What i do is give you charts week by week. Base it on how you are progressing each week and what your next week schedule will allow for, or adjust it if you are sick and miss some key workouts for whatever reason. Even weather may cause for adjustments.
Certainly none of these options are the wrong way or a bad way to follow for training. Just giving you the difference of what i do and what you can get online for free etc...

Coaching and training others is my passion
Helping people towards their goals whatever little or big they may be.

 coach athletes of all kinds! Some have come from sitting on the couch or at a computer all day, others have had little experience and others have done it all wanting to better their times and continue to get faster. Of all ages! 

When coaching team sport type athletes for their off season condition training (ie. soccer, basketball, motocross and so on...) we meet one on one as a personal training session. 
With runners and triathletes it is all based on charts via online, which means, good news, cheaper and you can live anywhere in the world!

All of these sports i have helped lead the athlete to success (of all distances of little, big or huge, even if just wanting to run 1 mile without walking). It is very rewarding for me, but it is the athlete that should take all the credit. I lead them in the direction they need to go but it is up to them to get the job done! 

For team sport type athletes it is more of a personal training type coaching where we meet one on one (see PT tab for rates).

With Runners / Triathletes / Endurance Athletes it is all based on charts:
CHARTS (which is the catch phrase my athletes use religiously now) I charge $20 a week. Fees are determined and invoice sent after we discuss your race and goals and # of weeks. You can pay the entire invoice at once or break it up.
If you have not already decided on a race you want the charts to train you to peak for, I do help in leading you to a variety of races to pick one and get signed up. 
Most athletes do anywhere from 12-20 weeks (this really depends on what kind of base you have to begin with and type/distance of race). Not interested in a race, but still want charts - no worries. i have plenty of athletes that continue with charts in their off season when they are not training for a race and others that do weekly charts pay 1 month at time all year just to keep them in shape and pushing them out of their comfort zone. The choices are endless really... 

How its done:
Coaching is done via online! First you will create a username and password on an online training site my brother Jeff created for me. Create me as your trainer. In this site you will log all activities: running,biking, swimming, cross training, lifting, yoga etc... You will also view your weekly "chart" or week goals for your training. Pace goals etc... will also be listed in here as the weeks go on. Throughout the week you can email me as barriers may arise in your schedule or with the weather or whatever the reason. We can chat via email to adjust your week or whatever the topic of discussion may be. Each week you will let me know in your log what your week ahead looks like: flexibility, days you know you can't do anything, best days for longer workouts etc....
And of course you will give me feedback on how you feel - aches pains and even good energy feel good stuff. By Sunday evening your chart will be complete as to what you will do for the upcoming week to help you towards your goals. I will give you detailed workouts with pace goals, workouts, mileage etc... The more info you give me in your logs the better goals i can give you in your charts.
Throughout the training i will send you various documents - running form, hill running, hip strength, fueling for long and intense workouts or races, tapering, race day tips, transitioning, hydration, food logs, body weight exercises to do for upper lower and core strength, stretches and more. 

If you decide to seek my coaching all you need to do is:
1. Let me know your IN, you can email me at
2. Fill out very detailed questionnaire i will send to you
3. pick your race and date 
4. pick # of weeks to train
(both # 3&4 i can help you with if they are not sure of what race to enter)


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