Monday, March 5, 2012


WORK! Gotta love it! At least i do!!!  I am so fortunate. When i went to college i wasn't sure what i wanted to do. But i knew it would have something to do with inspiring and motivating others. I chose the Exercise Physiology path and have loved every minute of it 20 years later. This post is strictly to let everyone know all the aspects of my work. I could go on and on about my background and how i got into this field. But you know me, if i do, this will be a book.
I have been blessed with such success in this field. Experience - yes. Motivation - yes. Good at what i do - yes! All a great equation for great success. But what separates me is something that is not learned, taught or created- it is within you - TRUE PASSION. Every part of my life i have such passion for. Those of you that know me know this - i don't do things just to do them. My work is certainly one of those parts of my life that i am extremely passionate about. It is genuine. It has brought me such success, and that took a lot of patience. I don't know how to explain it. Those that have worked with me find that any mental blocks they previously had are transformed into new found strength and confidence. Ultimately finding themselves hooked. They find that i teach them to progress at their level not someone else's or mine. And that allows them to excel at their own natural pace and abilities.
My clients, whether it be with classes or Personal Training or my athletes, all become my family. It is a natural thing that just...... well ......happens. I don't just work with athletes or advanced fitness. I have everywhere from ages 12 to 70 that are in my classes as well as train in gyms or outdoors or in their homes. You can come to any one of my given classes and in that one class find that age difference and each of them getting the workout at their level at the same time. My clients over the years have varied in fitness capabilities- some have never exercised before, some have been professional athletes and many right in between. Some have hired me to help them with body building competitions and competitive athletic events from endurance sports to ball sports and some to simply be able to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath or to be able to continue building their strength once physical therapy or rehab is over after major surgery. I have helped teenagers pass a fit test to help get on college sport teams to people in their 50's & 60's complete their first triathlon or marathon EVER - something that when they were in their 20's and 30's probably never thought possible and here they are doing it now! They say i am an inspiration. Truth is - THEY ARE!!!
Anyone that has worked with me knows i give 120% to them. More than i give myself even. It is what thrives me. I have seen many successes with many people. Whether it be to: lose weight, PR in an athletic event, pass a physical fitness test to get into the Military or college sport, to lower cholesterol or blood pressure, to have more energy to play with kids or grand kids, to increase energy and lower stress....and i can go on and on.......whatever that goal - i have seen many get there! And it gives me unbelievable amounts of energy to hear about it from each of them! In fact, i get excited about any ones success whether i had anything to do with it or not. I welcome and cheer anyone on that wants to help better people in this world!!!! I have helped many go on to get their PT or group ex certs. It is great that the area i live in finally has so many options for the community to get and stay active and healthy. I support every single one of these places and people and will continue to send people their way as well!
There are many splits to what i do. So to help those of you that want to work with me know all your options, i have listed them below.
Don't live near me any more - NO WORRIES! Whether you live near me or not, there are many options i offer via online training!

I teach a variety of classes at The Balanced Body Studio, located at The Fort in McHenry, MD. You will find SPINNING, BODYSCULPTING, KICKBOXING, TRX, BOOT CAMP AND SPORT CONDITIONING STYLE CLASSES. For a detailed schedule look at the group ex schedule on the website: or email me for my class schedule

In the summer and Fall i also teach an
OUTDOOR CONDITIONING CLASS!!! A great way to workout while enjoying the scenery of Deep Creek Lake, MD.

Whether you live near me or not. I can help you with many of your goals via online communication. Most of my clients here are athletes that want to train for their first 5k, Marathon or Triathlon or are wanting to PR in a certain athletic event. But i can also work with whatever non athletic goal you may have.

ere in the Deep Creek Lake area i do In-Home Personal Training. I go to peoples homes and work with them towards their goals. I am also now the Personal Trainer for the new fitness facility at CARC (Community Aquatic and Rec Complex) at Garrett College. Email me if you would like to make an appointment for any PT work! i work with groups as well!

I teach with the Continuing Ed Department at Garrett College. I have taken walkers to running their first marathon! A new running class will begin this May. There will be a Triathlon class starting in June. a great way to get started with triathlons or maybe work towards The SAVAGEMAN Tri this September!!!

Point being, no matter what goal you have or what fitness level you are at - i am here to help!
I pride myself in being accountable. Holding myself to the same level of excellence that i teach. This has helped me in my many fitness achievements as well (hiking the entire length of the Appalachian trail over a 5 month period, making the Saucony Hurricane Team and Team USA to name a few). From my actions i instill a level of teaching in my clients that enhance their lives both physically, mentally and spiritually.
I hope that i will get to continue to work with the many i already do but also meet new faces and help them get to their goals as well.

To those i have worked with now or in the past - Do you want to help write a future blog with me - email me your success story. I would like to post your stories. Whether i work with you now or have in the past....send your story and it will help make my blog.