Wednesday, April 10, 2013


My blog site is now more than just a place to update you with my life adventures. I have changed it up to be more like a website to make it easy for you to view my GROUP EXERCISE SCHEDULE as well as PERSONAL TRAINING  info and any promotions I may be offering in either. Along with changes to any of it. Don't worry - i will still continue to blog about my adventures. I will also add more blogs for the general exerciser as well as the athlete.
I am still in the process of updating it and getting all the info on there that needs to be on there. But feel free to take a look now. Class schedule is up! PT info and more to come.
If you have a blogspot account and you have worked with me in the past with any aspect of my work feel free to make comments!!! (you need a blogspot account to be able to comment, just a matter of creating a password)
If you have followed my blogs in the past please update the address. It is no longer jennifersober and is now: You will need to update it in your blogspot account.

Stay tuned!

AND don't forget to view and like my FIT WITH JEN facebook page:

Look forward to hearing from all of you!