Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mid-late April Pictures & Journal Entries

                                                                               French Broad River 4/18/2004
Breakfast at Hogback Ridge 4/21/2004

Indian Grove Gap, Frist Trail Magic 4/23/2004


Unaka Mt Forest Peak, 5180', 4/23/2004

Big Bald, 4/25/2004
High winds, Lost Dry Climb Jacket, Wild Bulls & Cows
keeping warm with it. :-(
Apple House Shelter, 4/25/2004
Great tent spot, cold rain starts 1 am and continues 24 hours :-(

JOURNAL ENTRY - April 25th, 2004
Todays Miles = 16.2 Total Miles = 385.1 Miles to go = 1789
Great morning at Ash Gap. Great weather. Got more trail magic over Roan High Mtn. Went over 2 balds - Little Bald and Big Bald. It was extremely windy at this point. My favorite jacket was tied onto my bag and miles later I realized it was gone. It must have been blown off with the strong winds. When I realized I threw down my pack and told Sean to wait as I ran back 15 minutes to see if I could find it. Im sure the wind took it and the wild bulls and cows we saw on top of Big Bald were keeping warm with it. We got to Apple House Shelter and pitched our tent in a great spot. We were on an old apple orchard. So pretty - green, flat and soft grass, just a great night. But still sad about my jacket.
JOURNAL ENTRY - April 26th, 2004
Todays Miles = 24.1 MILES
About 1 am it started to rain lots and all night and all morning and all afternoon. And in addition.... a cold front. We had to pack up in the down pour - everything now wet wet wet. We were both very cold - to the bones. It rained on us till about 5 pm. We decided to take our planned 16 mile hike to 18 so that we could dry our stuff in a shelter. So, we got to the shelter and it had way to many people - not to mention the fog mist coming into it making everything in the shelter wetter. Tears were all over me today. Earlier in day, Sean looked at my sad face and said "I promise you I will get use to a dry place tonight." And he meant it. We went on past the shelter for another 6 miles to get to Kinkora Hostel. So we did 24 miles in the rain. My feet and lower legs are not good. Swollen feet, really puffy. And my calf feels like I pulled a muscle. I limped the last 6 miles. the last mile Sean had to carry my pack on his chest. We got to the hostel - FULL!!! Hikers were even sleeping on the porch under and on top of picnic tables. But once the owner saw how sad my face got when he said they are full, he brought us into town to another hostel that had space. Dried everything out in the living space. Iced and elevated my feet.
Laurel falls

JOURNAL ENTRY - April 27th, 2004
Todays Miles = 10.6 Total Miles = 419.8 Miles to go = 1754.3
Wow, what a difference a day makes! I was so miserable yesterday that I wanted to break into a church to get warm. Today - the best hike and day yet. The scenery was unbelievable. First 3 miles hiked along waterfalls - Laurel Falls. Then we hiked around the lake. Reminding me of home - Deep Creek Lake. I needed a day like this. It reminds me to keep my head up when times are rough. Cause, you never know what tomorrow will bring!

Watauga Lake

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