Friday, June 20, 2014

2nd half of May pics and journal entries

Camp to Sarver Hollow Shelter
Todays Miles = 15.9      Total Miles = 666.5     Miles To Go = 1507.6
Today we had some trail magic - Super Dave! GA-ME '01. 2 coolers of beer, soda, organges, tons of candy bars, graham crackers - it was great!! Not as tired feeling today but not happy with the trek to this shelter. We hoped to tent it when we got here. First off, it was straight down hill about 1/2 mile off trail to get to the shelter. Which means starting tomorrow with straight up hill to get back on trail. The....around the shelter is all rocky. tent sites. Have to stay inside full shelter. So, im sitting here in the shelter about to go to bed - mosquitos are loving me. All in all the shelter is nice though. New, so it smells like a cabin, niced covered porch to cook on. Hope mice aren't too bad. UGH.
Met 83 year old hiker man. Talk about desire! 83! It is never too late. He is really sick though, I hope he feels better.

MAY 16, 2004
Sarver Hollow Shelter to Pickle Branch Shelter
Todays Miles = 15.9      Total Miles = 682.4     Miles To Go = 1491.7
Well didn't sleep a wink last night. Annoying guy came in late while we were all asleep and was telling us stories as if we were all awake or cared. Then he lit his stove and almost lit the shelter on fire. After that, mice were running across my legs, smelly guy sleeping next to Sean and annoying guy with loud farts all night. Not to mention the snoring and the mosquitos. I couldn't sleep at all. I missed my tent.

MAY 17, 2004
Pickle Branch Shelter to Pigs Farm Camp
Todays Miles = 16     Total Miles = 698.4     Miles To Go = 1475.7
Today was neat. Late start again. Fun scrambles in our hike today. Almost felt like we were rock climbing. It was a nice change. It was a hot day. In the middle of the day we got a lot of rain. Wet and cold again. Sean loved it - cooled him off from the heat. It wasn't bad since it is hot out. I just wish at the end of the day there would be a dry warm place to go. Oh well. I will appreciate home more when we are done. We ended our day at McAfee Knob. One of the most beautiful sights yet. Since we were only 1/2 mile from camp, we decided to stay there to watch the sunset and eat dinner. Oh what a night!
May 18 Tinker Cliffs, looking over to McAfee Knob

May 19th & 20th Smitty joins us, 40.3 miles from Troutville, VA to
Blue Ridge Parkway #76.3

VA was super hot so the beard had to go!
Ofcourse without the beard, it gave sure notice
of Sean's weight loss. Now looking like he is truly a

JOURNAL ENTRY - may 24, 2004
Todays Miles = 13.6 Total Miles = 817.7 Miles to Go = 1356.4
Here I am at the Tye River sitting on a rock sticking out of the
middle of the rapids, writing in my journal. Life doesn't get better
than this. We were going to camp a little further up the trail, but
we just couldn't pass up this spot.

May 21, James River, Day of Haunted Hike
another rainy day!




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