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First Email Update. April 2, 2004

From: Jen Sober <>
Subject: first update
Date: Friday, April 2, 2004, 4:59 PM

Hey Everyone! Well, i just wrote out this long email to you all and for some reason it disappeared on me when i hit spell check. So, since there are people waiting, i will try to be quick and not do a spell check.
Sean and i have been doing really well. Our packs are much too heavey, 45 and 51 pounds (10 lbs each over our target). Due to the weight our feet are taking a beating. I have been able to get beyond the blisters and the pain, but Sean is still dealing with it to a point (it is a lot better for him though). We are now at our first stop off the trail. It is wonderful. To take a shower, use a toilet, have a bed and do laundry - we are in heaven. For those looking at your maps, we got off at wallace gap, near Franklin NC. 25 miles into NC, just south of US 64.
We have seen some interesting animals - had a sleepless night in a shelter one night on top of Blood Mtn. woke to a rat's butt sticking out of my back pack and a few hours later a skunk sitting 2 feet in front of our feet. On a nicer side, we looked out our tent one night after hearing some noises and it was this huge deer 5-10 feet from our tent.
We had great weather our first 7 days. 60's while hiking but really cold at night, but dry. Last 3 nights were pretty bad - bad rain storm, then 2 nights and 2 days of snow. Was really cold sleeping in the tent while snowing - brrrrr - and everything wet and having to pack it up all wet for the next night just to get in a damp cold tent again. Was cold hiking in the snow too, but so beautiful. We got a picture that we will send soon. Luckily we got to Wallace gap when we did, cause the snow got worse and they say this morning it was a white out and snowing even more!!!!! Some hikers had to get forest rangers to drive them to town to get warm and dry.
We will be back onthe trail tomorrow. The moisture should be gone and our stuff will be dry for a few days, well somewhat dry...everything gets damp each night from condensation in the night.
I know i am missing a lot, i promise to give more info inthe next email. Since there are some waiting to use the internet.
We will be able to get online again in about 10 days, our next time off the trail (north of the smokies) We are going to look forward to that.
Sean is doing great out there. He can complain lot on hte climbs but he does them. He is making my pack a bit heavier to try and slow me down on the climbs, i agreed to it as long as he stays positive while going up ;-)
we are know well as "fast hikers" and slow campers. We don't get out of camp till 2-3 hours after everyone else. But always catch up. We all know why we are getting out of camp so slowly now don't you.....Your dear friend...TURTLE (although we are up at 6:30 am each morning, it is just the packing up thing) We will get there though. Once we can get out of camp at a good time, we will really rock through the mountains.
Seriously...i am very proud of Sean and you all would be so impressed if you could see him hiking each day. He hangs in there and doesn't give up.
We are having the experience of our life time!!!! And we can't wait to share more with all of you.
Looking forward to hearing from you on our next stop (via email)
Happy Trails
Live LIfe!!! Be Happy!
Jen & Sean :-)
PS- you all have to read the book "a walk in the woods" by Bill Bryson. It is funny and gives you an idea of what we are doing. And how the weather is crazy in the mtns.
Miss you all!!!!!!!!
We had to filter our water from sources that sometimes would be great full streams or waterfalls and others a little puddle - ick!


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