Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Can one do a FULL IRONMAN without the proper training?

Well - for those of you that 'stayed tuned' here's whats next: After the Eagleman i decided that i would "maybe" do and Ironman that is the first ever in NJ/NY right where i grew up. I wasn't positive if i would for a couple reasons. but the biggest reason i would do it -- i won't have to train for 6 months as the event was only 8 weeks away. There is no way i would ever train for an ironman. I just don't have the desire to put that many hours in or get up early in the morning to make it happen. And with a full Group Ex class load as well as a very very full Personal Training schedule each week in addition to being a Mom and very active with me sons life - i would never have the time! So i know that i could not go into an IM with trying to break 12 hours or get a 10 hour goal, but i feel that i could finish one without preparing for a full day of activity. Couple reasons i wouldnt do it even though i wouldn't have to put the training time in - for one, i didn't know how my friends and family would respond. I honestly thought they would all disapprove and well that is important to me and i didn't want to have to see it. but when i started talking about it to a few people their response was so different then what i expected!!!! They instantly said - thats awesome Jen if anyone can do it this way you can!!! So that made me feel better and a little more into saying yes i will do this. The next reason was the Grand Fondo. I didn't think i would do it if i didn't think i could get in at least 1 bike ride of 6 hours or more. So on the GF day when Kel said lets do the 102 instead of the 62, i figured if i decided to do that with her i would have much more than IM effort on the bike and would be good with that one ride to be ok with the IM bike of 112 miles. So i made it, coughing and all. That was probably the first moment i felt i am going to do this for real. And lastly, of course i wasn't going to do it as well....i reallly don't want to embarass myself. 8 weeks isn't much time and those 8 weeks i really can't train for an IM, ,my time can barely train for a half IM. So its very possible i can embarass myself. We shall see. As for how i mangaged the last few weeks. I had a 10 day period that i had more free time than usual so i called that my "10 day crash course IM training." We shall see if it works. I was able to get in a 4 1/2 hour ride once and i think 2 4 hour rides. One of those i ran 30 minutes after. That was my biggest brick. Bricks were not something i was really able to do much of so that and an International distance tri has been my brick training and thats it. My swimming. it got in race distance once, 2.4 miles. I feel as long as i know i can do the distance im good there! And the running, sadly, has been the worse of it all. As i have stated in my last blogs, my legs have not felt great which im sure is due to instead of properly recovering from the marathon i started biking too much. So my running has been real slow and miserable. My attempts to get in 20 miles turned into 15 and 12. The last 4-6 miles of all but one long run slowed up to a painful 10-11 minute miles. When normally long runs would be in the low 8s for me. Painful!!! mentally and physically. So, i stopped trying so hard. I took a step back. Didn't worry about tryiing for 20 miles and got in some 16 milers. Still painfully slow until my last one. Every year...i log everything i do and comments on how i feel etc. It is pretty common for me to feel slugish and slow and miserable coming back after a big event for me. If i remain patient i soon realize that it comes back. If i push to hard to get there, it won't ever. Last week i ran 16 miles and it was the most empowering run ever! I felt GREAT! no - certainly not back to my normal pace but i felt GREAT! i did very conisistant miles, all about 9 min. It was a very hilly course (in fact i had been trying to get my runs to match the elevation gain of the IM course and have not been able to come close) this one was 1600 feet gain and right on what the IM course is. So even though still a minute off my norm - it was not about that. I felt comfortable for the first time in a long time. I felt strong in a very different way. Something for the first time clicked - i felt like i could do this IM and not embarrass myself. Don't get me wrong, i won't have any great times in each event, that just isn't possible when my longest training day (not including the GF) was 4 1/2 hours and the IM will be about 14 hours. But it was such a wonderful run. I for the first time got excited about doing this IM. So - SWIM - if i swim as i did at the Eagleman- not push and just do the distance while remaining comfortable, I feel i can do a 1:30 - 1:40 (depends on if i have to hang on a buoy or not) Bike - The GF gave me the confidence that i can do whatever is thrown at me. Im biking really strong. Its the running after i am most worried about as you can't really fake bricks. (its suppose to be a hilly course, i feel a 16 mph average would be a reallllll comfortable pace for me which puts me at 7 hours for the bike. If its much hillier than expected 16 may be a pushing pace for me which i am trying to avoid so i can manage the run ok. If its not as hilly as i anticipate then maybe i will see a 6 1/2 hours ride???? Run - i finally feel i can make the distance. its just going to be a loooong time as i don't feel i will be able to do much better than 5 hours (which is an 11 min pace) - i know that sounds crazy for me to do but just knowing how i felt in most of my runs, that i haven't been able to get my legs use to running after biking and knowing that this run course will be extremely hilly. Transitions - i plan to eat in transistions so i assume about 15+ minutes in each, so we will say 30 minutes of transitions. That puts me at about 4 hours. but very possible im in for a big wake up call and when i put these together for that lenght of time, you just never know!!! i guess i will on Saturday as i test it all out Oh - here is the kicker!!! I won't know until tomorrow, THursday, if i get a # or not. I can not make it to the days of packet pick up and the IM rules are very strict about not letting you get it on a different day. So tomorrow, i call with my emergency on why i can't make it Wed or Th to pick it up and i hope that they let me get it on friday. I will let you know! And then of course i will let you know if one can train for an IM without the proper training. I am a certified Triathlon coach so i do know how many hours a week and how many months go into proper training for one at the most minimal training, and i don't even qualify for proper half IM training, but i will have this answer on Saturday night for you! Im pretty confident my goal of finishing i will be able to do, but then again...i may be in for a surprise!!!!

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  1. Oh, Jen.... this is FANTASTIC!! I don't see any reason why you can't do it. Just keep putting one arm, one pedal, one foot in front of the other and you will get to the finish. 14 hours would be wonderful, but hey, anything under 17 :-) I hope so much they will let you pick up your packet on Friday. This is just so exciting. I believe it's totally doable for you.