Saturday, February 11, 2012

SPRING TRAINING - 3 weeks back at it!!

Well, i didn't do so well at blogging for all of you since November. Since then, my work schedule and home life got crazy busy. So blogging got put off - TILL NOW! i hope to get back into it and get in the habit of writing each week. I know some of you enjoy it and i know it will help keep me motivated with all aspects of my life!!!
 I enjoyed my off season but i am finally back into a normal routine with training again! 3 weeks in and ready for week 4. But i have to tell you, just as i experience every year, it is always rough at the start. But unlike the last 2 years, i didn't let it get to me mentally. All of you that take an off season know exactly what i mean - you feel miserable and uncomfortable at a pace that is probably 1 minute slower than your normal 'easy' run pace or worse- your 'recovery' run pace. Pathetic right! No! That is what i use to think. Not anymore. With patience, while i build my strength back i know that the slugs go away. Got to love PROGRESSION! The first 2 weeks, i felt like previous years. Sluggish, slow, bad form etc. But i started out slow and didn't worry about pace or distance just got my self to get comfortable and strong with running again. Last year i remember being so upset the first week back and how horrible i felt. It is easy to think "oh my goodness, i lost it, i will never get it back, I'm getting too old - blah blah blah!" any excuse in the book! but thank goodness for exercise logs! Last year after i got over that miserable week i looked at the years before first week and realized i had the same feeling and 2 weeks later - BAM!!! back to normal comfort levels. And that is what happened last year, 2 weeks later my strength was back. So this year, i didn't have to look back, i remembered to be patient and sure enough, my body's magic # is 2. As 2 weeks in i feel stronger and more comfortable. Certainly don't have my speed back yet, but that will come in time, with patience. But i just feel my form feel stronger and no more sluggishness and am able to build my mileage and work slowly on regaining the faster pace back. I love it when you can actually feel your body progressing. It is pretty amazing.
The point of this for all of you that read this looking for motivation - be patient and know that progression is always the best way to get better! not just in running but in any goal!!!
As for the year coming up. Last year i had my year figured out thanks to Worlds in September. This year, i haven't focused too much past May 6th. 15 years ago i did the New Jersey Marathon, my first, and will be going back this year as they celebrate 15 years! I can't wait to go back and run it again and of course once again get a nice visit in with all my college and high school friends. In March i will do a few races to get ready for the marathon and help with my training. More about that marathon in a future blog.
As for the rest of the year, i will think more about that on May 7th. Certainly tris will be included in my year, but nothing i plan on going after whole hearted. At least not that i know of yet........ Right now I am incorporating 2 swims a week for cross training. It is a nice change from running and seems to help loosen up my hips when tight from running. I am signed up for the Eagleman Half Iron in June. But "as of now" i am not interested in going into it to peak and be in tip top shape for it with all 3 events and with my focus on the marathon in May it won't give me much time to train for it. But will certainly give me a GREAT workout for future races. Then in Sept i am debating on doing the Savageman half again. But as i have told some of my friends here in Deep Creek Lake, it is going to take some major convincing!!!! Many of you ask if i will do a full one day! I would........but not competitively. My schedule would not allow me to train for such an event and i am not a morning person!
As for my goals. For the most part with running i would just like to keep running strong. As i age (not that i am old by any means) I don't expect to get faster or even match previous times, just trying to be realistic. I would love to keep my times somewhat close in all distances. I will be happy to just keep my half under a 1:30, and low 19's in the 5k. Although it would be nice to see low to mid 18 again, but....realistic....I will be happy with just being close in any of it. And really, i am happy and lucky i am able to run. But i do think i can still take some time off my marathon. Maybe i will see a 3:15 this year, who knows, we'll see how it goes!  But that is what i will hope to go after!
So my point for all - set realistic goals!!!! and go after them!!!
WORK - work has been great for me this winter. And i hope to do more blogging about it! I have had more packed classes then ever before! I am energized while i see my clients motivation levels increase.  Or when i see the difference of their body language when they come to class and when they leave it - much more stress relieved than when they came in. More on work stuff on another blog. But for those around and those coming into the area, check out my class schedule held at The Balanced Body Studio ( at The Fort in McHenry, MD.
In addition to in home PERSONAL TRAINING I am also now doing Personal Training at CARC (community aquatic & recreation complex) at Garrett College, McHenry, MD. So, if you want either to be set up on a program to follow or are in need of getting pushed once or twice a week to get over that plateau let me know.
That is all for now. i hope everyone is having a great winter and gearing up for some spring fun!!!!
No matter what your goal is - a race or to lose weight or to just get healthy!!!

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  1. You go, Jen! I'll look forward to seeing your updates, so be sure not to slack on posting! ;-)