Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here we go again!

  Well, i have to say i do love that my body still has great muscle memory! I have had great confidence building since my last blog! Yes, i am still unsure of what i can do at this point of the year, after the year i have had. But my head is back in the game. Which means, no matter what, i will have a great time out there! Before this, I had struggled coming out of my recovery time too early mentally to get into marathon training. Then had 2 not so great fun runs (races) in early October. Which could have lots to do with one, not really wanting to push hard anymore (mental burnout) and two, a little out of shape after the taper recovery period (which is important to happen as it will make you stronger in the future, more on that in a future blog if you would like). But as i have talked about, if you stay patient, muscle memory will bounce you back fast if you give it a chance to.

So, the last couple weeks have helped my confidence with my training and a great 5k i did in DC (a PR 5k for me) last week shows me physically i am back, taking care of both one and two above. Sometimes you have to run a race and not race a race in order to have a really really good race. Some of you may be scratching your heads on this one, and many of you I'm sure know exactly what i mean or are thinking i have nailed it on the nose! I'd say this t is how my last month was for me. And now i am pretty confident i can run in NY what i did last year and maybe even PR by a few seconds without struggle. And who knows, when the gun goes off maybe i will put it all out there to just see what i can do if i tried, one of 2 things will happen if i do this- i will either PR wonderfully or i will bonk out majorly and struggle big time for the last 10 miles of the marathon, possibly adding 45+ minutes to what i did last year, not so fun. The way i look at it - in April i had a pr marathon in Boston, so i am good with whatever for this one! That and who knows how i will feel the morning after celebrating my 20 year high school reunion. It kind of stinks to have it the night before but it is reallllll convenient to not have to drive up there 2 times over a short period of time. Lots of visiting to do while up there so I really cant wait to see as many old friends as possible! not that we are old ;-)

 So there you have it. I could have written a book on this one as there is so many educational things i could have typed about in the physical and mental process i have gone through since Sept. And maybe it would have helped many of you understand the thoughts that go through your heads when doing a marathon. But i have lots to get done for work and with my boy Ashton. But if you would like to learn more i can surely write more next week for you, or soon after. I did promise to post my email i sent out last year with my experience at the NY marathon. I do promise to do that soon, maybe the day before the marathon i will do that or the day of. I will not re-read and edit it, as if i read i know i will change it all up, i will post how it was written exactly. Heehee.

So this time next week i will be in NJ & NY - celebrating my reunion and having a blast once again at the NY marathon

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