Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm in China!

15 hours in economy class is a tortuous way to be on a plane.

The flight was smooth up until the last hour when I thought we were going down. As the pilot brought our plane down a bit lower it started shaking and bouncing, not your normal bouncing. One flight attendant went down to floor and another up and hit her head in ceiling. Seat belts kept us in our seats but we were lifting up and losing our stomachs. Any race nerves went out the window that moment. Ha. After that no issues and landed just fine. Phew.

The ride to hotel was an adventure. This is by far the craziest drivers I've ever seen. Crazy. Only video could tell that story ... Sorry.

The sleep plan failed big time. Funny how in my 20's I could pull all nighters and get through the next day like it was nothing. Not the case any more. It will take a few days to adjust. Then when I get home will do it all over again. So when I seem like a zombie when back in Maryland, you know why.

It's morning here and night back there.

Last night was getting use to hotel, team schedules, shuttle sign ups etc ... Today is a full day of team/race things. I will be joining the team at 7 for breakfast. At 9 am I will have mechanic put my bike together, get on the 11 am shuttle to head to packet pick up, 12:30 pm ride the course (will do 1 loop of the 3 as I have short time, but enough to learn the course), 1 pm swim familiarization to see what water will be like then 2 pm shuttle back to hotel to shower and start team things at 3:30 pm (team picture, opening ceremonies, parade of nations, pasta party with all the countries). Phew. Fun day. But I'm sure I will be shot by end if it. If not too tired I will blog about it all! ;-)

Until later tonight (or tomorrow for you all!)

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  1. Keep the updates coming!! I hope your 1st couple nights in Beijing have been more restful than the flight! Love you, J