Friday, September 9, 2011


Hey Everyone! I had to write that last blog super fast. My time has been so limited, so when typed I was all over the place! LOL.

Actually, Blogspot is also blocked in China. So I am sending my updates and pictures to a friend who is posting things for me. Sharon C - thank you so much. (editor's note: No problem!) I can not view my blogs, so I have not been able to reread what I typed, but knowing me and how fast I had to type I'm sure it was overly detailed, long and a bit all over the place. :-) 

Some of you have asked how to comment on Blogspot - you need to create a username and password and then you should be able to comment. Any comments put on I actually get to read as an email is also sent to me and I can get into emails here. I can not get into Facebook but if you post on my wall, again I also get an email with what is posted.

The people of China make all of us Age Groupers feel like celebrities. What was so great marching it the Parade of Nations is the age differences that are there. On one side of me you have the 20-somethingers that will probably just kill it and take control of the races and maybe move on to pro and on the other side you have 70- and 80-year-olds that are inspiring everyone out there and still shining in their sport! We may not be on the same caliber as Olympic/professional athletes, but it is so great to see each age group represented and shining in that group! 

And for China, they are going above and beyond for us. It is truly an amazing experience - already!

There has been a lot of time in shuttles cars and planes all week for me, so my body is starting to ache and feel real tight and uncomfortable. Not a great feeling ... BUT... I remember in Boston earlier this year for the marathon I felt the same way the day before the marathon, nervous it would hurt me in the race, but it didn't. I got my PR and did just fine. So as i feel this way today, I remember that moment and dont get worried about it.

Check back later, I will send a blog non race related about my awesome trip to the Great Wall and Ming Tombs. Finally a day that had nothing to do with the race!

Missing all of you back in the USA!

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