Friday, September 16, 2011

The Days After

This will be a nice light reader for you:
I don't normally get sore from triathlons. But i did have some unusual soreness and aches the next couple days. First off the pain i had in my spine from tightening my entire body to try and get warm while on the bike was the worst aches i am still recovering from (the looooong flight home did not help). I will be sure to go to my chiropractor when i get home!!!
It is funny to me to be sore from running, but since i pulled my calf muscle this summer when i finally started running again i avoided hills all together or took them very slowly as i could tell the calf was not 100% and i did not want to take any chances with it pulling again by running at normal speed up a hill. So needless to say, my calf and other hill muscles were not use to pushing up hill :-) And with 6 good size hills in this 10k pushing 100%, my strongest muscles were sore. I am a very strong hill runner, and i was on race day too, but in the days after i am feeling those hills. My calf was very very sore!!! it was certainly pushing harder than it had in many many months on those hills. 2 days later with all the sight seeing it felt a bit more than just a sore muscle, so again, a little reminder that the injury is not 100% yet. all will like this as the strongest muscle on my body was very sore - my BUTT!!!! good sore for sure. but not a normal muscle that gets sore. HA! but yes, another hill muscle that wasn't use to pushing the hills anymore thanks to the calf. This soreness has come on gone already.
Everything else felt great.

I didn't realize how much time was going to be spent in some form of transportation: car plane or bus. This is how the week went and why i can't wait to be home today and not have to do this anymore:
Monday, car 3+ hours
Tues / wed, car, airport, plane, bus 21 hours
Thurs, bus - 4+ hours
Fri, bus, 5 hours
Sat. bus 2 hours
Sun, bus 2 hours
Mond bus airport plan bus - 10 hours
Tuesday and Wed - ahhhhh finally a break
Thursday / Friday - bus, airport, plane, car - 24+ hours
Left - 3 hours in car - HOME...i can't wait.

The best of all about coming home - MY LITTLE BOY!!! Ashton is going to get the biggest strongest longest hug of his life!!!!!

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